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"I am constantly amazed by the human spirit"
An Interview with Frances Sadler '72

Terra Holman (Africana '08), who spent her study abroad semester in Cape Town, interviews Frances Sadler '72 about her recent Seven Sister trip to South Africa. (1/08)

In October 2007, Barnard Alumna Frances Sadler '72 traveled to South Africa with group of Seven Sister alumnae as part of a ten-year project, "An International Dialogue on Women." Frances recently joined Africana major Terra Holman '08, who spent a semester studying in Cape Town South Africa, in The Vagelos Center for a discussion in which she shared her impressions of South Africa, her introduction to the struggles and triumphs of South African women, and her sense of South Africa as a country in transition. A print version of the interview is available in edition 2:2 of AfricanaNotes, the newsletter for Africana Studies.