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A Statement From Africana Studies Faculty

“When our lived experience of theorizing is fundamentally linked to processes of self-recovery, of collective liberation, no gap exists between theory and practice.”—Audre Lorde



As colleagues and teachers we are reminded of what brought us to our work, and what keeps us together with mutual respect and shared obligation to our students. 


‘What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?’

Frederick Douglass delivered this speech in Rochester, New York, to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Link to the transcript of the speech
Link to descendants of Frederick Douglass, delivering his 1851 ‘Fourth of July’ Speech in 2020.


The department has compiled a collection of resources on racism, protesting and more.

'Living Just Enough': Virtual Exhibition'

In partnership with the Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, the department is pleased to announce 'Living Just Enough', a virtual exhibition in response to the task of testifying to racial inequity and imagining racial justice. Curated by Justin Davy.