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The Faculty Award honoring Black Excellence by the Black Student Organization was presented to Professor Celia E. Naylor at Black Graduation on Tuesday, May 14th.  The award recognizes a faculty or staff member who has exhibited an unwavering commitment to Black students in their work at Columbia University.  

A brand new pilot program this spring ushers in a new phase of lifelong learning and community at the College.

Professors Abosede George and Tamara J. Walker talked about the power of intellectual exchange and community building among Black scholars at Barnard — and across academia.


Award-winning poets and writers, Yvette Christiansë (“Castaway”, “Imprendehora”, “Unconfessed”), and Rosalind Morris (“The Deep”, “Current”), read from new and published works. Both writers move deftly between their research in archives and far-flung worlds linked by colonialism, especially in southern Africa, and their personal experiences, while meditating on the unspoken and the unseen. Bridging the intimate and the world-historical in forms that range from the lyric to the verse epic, their work, which includes collaborations on two operas, gives form to the haunted present with urgency and careful beauty.

Prof. Kim F. Hall appears  in the exhibition catalogue, in a "tri-interview" entitled "On Critical Indigenous Studies and Early Modern Critical Race Studies" with Laura Lehua Yim and Scott Manning Stevens, for the groundbreaking exhibit, Seeing Race Before Race, at The Newberry Library in Chicago. The exhibit runs from September to December 8, 2023. It examines the roots of race from the Middle Ages to 1800.  This summer Tapiwa Gambura (BC '24), who was a student in Prof. Hall's Africana Studies Race Before Race seminar, worked with the exhibit team to develop outreach materials as part of her Laidlaw project.  



An article by Professor Diedra Harris-Kelley, Adjunct Professor in Africana Studies (the Harlem Semester), is featured in the “suggested reading” section in HyperAllergic art magazine. Her article, "My Life in Movement: Inheriting the Dancing Body," was originally written for a special issue of BCRW's “Scholar and Feminist” online journal. The recently published S&F issue is entitled "To Make Visible Everywhere: Our Bold, Beautiful, Aging Bodies." This article also highlights original artwork by Diedra Harris-Kelley and photos of her aunts Nanette Bearden and Sheila Rohan. 

This 28-Year-Old Ignored Warnings About Job-Hopping and Doubled Her Salary to $186K in 5 Years

Cinneah El-Amin '16, 28, in New York City has worked in banking and tech. In February, she was laid off from her tech job and is taking time away from Corporate America to grow her own business, an online career and lifestyle platform called Flynanced.