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The Arts and Sciences Graduate Council (ASGC) instituted this award in 2004 to commemorate excellence in the mentoring of PhD and Masters (MA) students. This award is a student initiative; selections were made entirely by graduate student representatives from GSAS and affiliated schools based on student nomination letters spanning across all disciplines. The selection committee was very impressed by the nomination letters received on your behalf. Here are a few highlights:

Professor George has been an amazing mentor to so many undergraduate and graduate students. She deserves recognition for her commitment to fostering a challenging and welcoming space to learn.

Professor George chooses activities to deliberately build comprehension, rather than simply checking a box or assuming that learning “just happens.”

Professor George is firm about pushing her students to do research and about helping them reformulate their approaches to History and the social sciences.

I admire Professor George’s engagement with graduate students in the United States and Africa. Still, most importantly, I am in awe of her broader vision to increase the number of women of color in academia.